ORHC Introduces New Technology


Ottumwa Regional Health Center is offering its patients a next-generation medical technology that is a proven, long-term solution to the millions of people who have overactive bladder or non-obstructive urinary retention.

More than 37 million adults in the United States — almost one in six — suffer from overactive bladder (OAB). Many sufferers limit their lives socially, professionally, and personally. 1 However, as many as 45% who suffer from symptoms do not seek treatment and as many as seven in 10 stop using medications within six months due to intolerable side effects or unsatisfying results.

Ottumwa Regional Health Center is pleased to offer InterStim X™ – the next generation system of the standard of care in advanced therapy for bladder control conditions. InterStim X is an implantable device that delivers sacral neuromodulation (SNM) therapy for more than 10 years before a patient may need a battery replacement || , and it does not restrict a patient from being able to have an MRI scan like many implantable devices.

“Bladder incontinence is common, but it’s not a normal part of aging. It’s annoying, inconvenient, and frustrating, and can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence, exercise, activities and even intimacy,” said Mahmoud Alameddine, MD, urologist at Ottumwa Urology Clinic. “The good news is it’s treatable. As the first to offer the InterStim X™ system in Ottumwa, IA, our goal is to get patients back to living life on their own terms.”

Originally developed 25 years ago, SNM therapy delivered by the InterStim TM systems provides gentle stimulation to the sacral nerve, which is thought to normalize the communication between the bladder/bowel and brain to alleviate symptoms , x, xi The safety and efficacy of InterStim systems are backed by 90+ clinical studies, 1,000+ clinical articles, 350,000+ patients treated and 25 years of experience in SNM therapy.

Now the newest InterStim device – InterStim X – features:

 More than 10 years of battery life without the need to recharge, providing patients with more freedom
and less maintenance. With low energy settings, the device may last up to 15 years.
 The first and only smart programmer, a programming device that looks like a common smartphone so
patients may discreetly and independently adjust their therapy at home or on-the-go.
 SureScan™ technology that enables full body MRI scans under certain conditions and does not require
impedance checks. * An MRI mode is easy for patients to independently activate or deactivate on the
smart programmer.

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