Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to take a minute and reach out other business owners in the area. I myself had never been a big fan of Radio advertising …as a matter of fact I never used Radio until I met Sara Jane Douglas. My staff and I love Ottumwa Radio and the results we get. Sara Jane always has a positive attitude and seeks results for my company. Whether it is to help your existing clients or to grow your business Sara Jane gets results!!!”

-Jeannie Richardson – Check it out in Ottumwa


Here at Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative we all love Lindsey Chapa! She always has a smile on her face, she’s always professional, and so easy to work with. If it takes 10 takes to do a radio ad she is right there encouraging us and telling us to not worry about it, we can take as many times as we need. If I forget an ad we normally run at a certain time of year, Lindsey always has my back and shoots me an email to remind me about it. I can count on her and love working with her.

-Lori McAllister – Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative


“I have worked with Sara Jane Douglas from Ottumwa Radio for 2 years now. As a new business owner of an existing business she was a breath of fresh air. She helped me and my store with what we needed to help get the word out about my business. She is always coming up with great new fresh ideas to promote my business. I never have to worry when there is an upcoming event in town if I will have an ad because she is always on top of it and keeps me a little more organized too. After working with Sara Jane and Ottumwa Radio I have a very high expectation when sales people come calling on my business.  I would recommend Sara Jane and Ottumwa Radio to ANY business owner. I have the highest respect for this company.”

-Emily Hanes – The Hall Tree in Centerville


“Lindsey makes the radio advertising process painless!  Her marketing ideas are brilliant and she gets your business noticed!”

-Lisa Bell – Northside Insurance 


“Sara Jane Douglas is not a product of the typical radio advertising salesperson mold. Normally I try to hide when radio advertising sales people make their presence known at my business doorstep. SJD is always upbeat, excited about what she is selling, extremely involved in the product, and it’s almost scary how organized she is. Very pleasant to deal with and very intelligent. Sara could sell anything but does a great job for Ottumwa Radio at much more than just sales.”

-Dan Mihalvich – Tiki Marine in Centerville


I am an employee of Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative and have worked with Lindsey for the past 9 years.  She has been such a joy to work with!  Lindsey handles our ads very professionally.  She comes to us with the ad verbiage ready for recording.  She coaches us through the actual recording of the ads and edits them perfectly!  She is very easy to work with and comes up with ideas that will engage the listening audience.  I would highly recommend Lindsey to help you with your advertising!
-Janis Wetterich – Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative 


“Hi , this is Kevin Wiskus from Your Square Deal Furniture and Appliances in Centerville.  I remember the first day Sara Jane came into my store to try and sell me on radio advertising.  To say that I ‘threw her out of the store’, well, that’s kinda what happened.  I had tried radio in the past and it did not work.  But you have to realize, my plan which really was just a dysfunctional hit and miss approach.  Besides, I don’t even listen to the radio.  But you are listening — right now.

Over time, many of my fellow business owners told me I should give Sara Jane a chance.  I did, because of other business owner’s recommendations.  Sara Jane put together a comprehensive annual plan which was so much better than mine.  Her plan was so effective in growing our business that the next year, we doubled the number of ads  at a price that was affordable.

So, throw your dysfunction plan and let Sara Jane create a plan that will actually work.  Don’t wait like I did, call Sara Jane today.”

-Kevin Wiskus – Your Square Deal in Centerville