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Midnight-3am  America Tonight with Kate Delaney

3am-5am  Doug Stephan’s Talk Radio Countdown

5am-6am  First Light with Evan Haning

6am-7:30am KBIZ Morning Show

7:30am-8am  Mid Morning Magazine with Ellis Codjoe

8am-9am  Dialogue

9am-11am  Dave Ramsey

11am-2pm  The Rush Limbaugh Show

2pm-5pm  The Sean Hannity Show

5pm-5:30 Focus on the Family with Jim Daly

5:30pm-6pm  Mid-Morning Magazine Encore

6pm-7pm  Dialogue Encore

7pm-10pm The Buck Sexton Show

10pm-Midnight  Fox Talk


Midnight-3am  America Tonight with Kate Delaney

3am-8am  Doug Stephan’s Talk Radio Countdown

8am-11am Kim Komando Show

11am-2pm   The Rush Limbaugh Show Weekends

2pm-5pm  The Sean Hannity Show Weekends

5pm-6pm  Wine Crush with Laura Lawson

6pm-9pm  Handel on the Law with Bill Handel

9pm-Midnight  Fox Sports Radio


Midnight-6am  Fox Sports Radio

6am-7am  Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine with Bill Maier

7am-7:30am  Day 1 with Peter Wallace

7:30am-8am  Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharius

8am-8:30am   Grace to You

8:30am-9am  Lutheran Hour with Rev. Dr. Greg Seltz

9am-9:30am  Family Talk Weekend

9:30am-10am  After Glow with Don Johnson

10am-10:30am Breakpoint

10:30am-11am  Family Life Weekends

11am-Noon The Ottumwa Baptist Temple (Live)

Noon-12am Fox Sports Radio

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