KLEE Personalities



5:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Bruce Palmer:  Bruce’s 30+ radio career started in suburban Philadelphia on dual passions…good time rock & roll and old cars.  Now with a personal music collection of more than 60,000 tunes, a garage packed with a dozen antique cars, and loving radio more than ever, he’s living the dream.  When Bruce’s not on the air, he’s probably playing with his dogs & cats, sitting back to take in a baseball game, spending time with his wife and two daughters, or most likely, out in the garage under a hood.  You see, he really is radio’s original “car guy.


1:00pm – 9:00pm Becky Shock: When Becky’s not on the radio, she’s probably spending time at a park doing volunteer work, or on the bike trails. She’s an avid wildlife and nature photographer, so being able to travel with her camera is her favorite kind of adventure. Yellowstone’s her favorite so far! Becky’s a big animal lover, and has a senior rescue cat named Leo. Her other hobby is experimental baking. Becky says
“I’m lucky to work with people willing to try pretty much anything. There’s always someone at a radio station who’ll be happy to see free food!” Becky likes lot of different music, including Eric Clapton, Motown, U2, and “you can never go wrong with a little Sinatra.”


9:00p.m.–5:00a.m. Joe Jacobs: Since Joe was a kid, he’s been in love with radio.  He’d slowly scan the dial at night trying to find a signal from some far off place, and then anxiously try to figure out the city it came from before the static took over.   For twenty years Joe’s felt blessed to be on this side of the mic.  When he’s not working, he’s working….as an announcer for minor league baseball.   He loves spending with his wife and daughters, and his rescue dogs.