General Contest Rules

Ottumwa Radio reminds all listeners a few rules for all local contests.

  1. You must be a legal U.S. resident.
  2. Listeners are eligible to win 1 prize per household every 2 weeks.
  3. During a phone in contest, Ottumwa Radio is not responsible for phone cut offs or drops. If necessary, we will continue the contest by going on to the next eligible phone call and the previous caller forfeits their winnings.
  4. Winners have 5 business days to claim the prize at the Ottumwa Radio studios at 416 East Main Street in Downtown Ottumwa.
  5. Prizes such as tickets and certificates may be mailed if the winner lives outside the Ottumwa City Limits.
  6. Personal ID’s may be requested before making claims.
  7. Once the prize has been mailed or claimed, Ottumwa Radio takes no responsibility of the item if lost, stolen or damaged.
  8. Ottumwa Radio Management will have the final say if questions of eligibility occur.
  9. Ottumwa Radio Staff will not reveal the time of phone in contests. You must be listening when the contest announcement airs telling you to call in.
  10. Contest winners found to be selling prizes for a profit will be permanently barred from winning any prizes again. This rule is not meant to prevent winners from sharing prizes with family and friends.
  11. We may take pictures of our contest winners.   If that is the case, we retain all rights to said picture and have the right to publish on our web and/or Facebook pages.