Ottumwa Man Charged with Burglary & Public Intoxication


Police say an intoxicated Ottumwa man walked into another man’s residence and assaulted him.

32-year-old Rickson Talley was charged with first-degree burglary (Class B felony), disorderly conduct (simple misdemeanor), and public intoxication (simple misdemeanor).

On May 5th at approximately 3:10 AM, court records say Talley entered a man’s apartment on West Rochester and struck the victim in the face. Talley later admitted to police that he walked over to the victim’s apartment to fight him to get revenge. Cameras observed Talley walking into the victim’s apartment.

Officers from the Ottumwa Police Department say Talley displayed bloodshot, watery eyes, unsteady balance, and the odor of alcohol emitting from his breath. Talley refused a breath test.

According to court documents, witnesses saw Talley fighting outside of the apartment building.

Talley was arrested and transported to the Wapello County Jail. His bail has been set at $25,000.

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