Scam Warning


Mahaska County – There have been several instances this week of Mahaska County residents receiving telephone calls from persons identifying themselves as Deputy Sheriff’s of the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office. During these telephone calls, the caller claims that there has been an arrest warrant issued for the recipient of the call.

The caller then attempts to obtain bond or bail money from the resident, in-lieu of them getting arrested. Any telephone call of this nature is a financial scam!

Members of the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office would like the community to know that an actual arrest warrant is never dealt with over the telephone. Deputies will never attempt to obtain bond or bail money pursuant to an actual arrest warrant. Anyone receiving this type of telephone call is advised to immediately discontinue the telephone call, do not engage the caller in conversation and report the matter to the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office. These reports can be made by calling the Mahaska County Dispatch Center at 641-673-0347.

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