City of Ottumwa Expands Downtown Development Grant Program


The City of Ottumwa is expanding its Downtown Development Grant Program to include a new incentive for restaurant equipment. The City already has programs to stabilize and improve building facades and roofs and to whitebox unfinished space to prepare for new tenants. The new funds will reimburse restauranteurs seeking to offer new dining options downtown for qualified costs for permanent restaurant equipment. Permanent equipment includes grease interceptors, vent hoods, fire suppression systems, and other installed commercial kitchen fixtures.

“The facade and roof programs are intended to stabilize buildings downtown and to halt deterioration and blight. The whitebox and restaurant programs take our downtown program to the next step, investing in bringing life to these buildings and generating commercial activity that employs local folks, builds value, improves quality of life and generates sales tax revenue.”

Community Development Director Zach Simonson

Applicants for the program must be opening a new restaurant in the Downtown District. The District includes the Church Street Business District as well as Downtown Ottumwa. The maximum award under the program is $25,000. Funds are limited and applications are accepted and reviewed on a first-come first-served basis. Interested applicants should visit the Planning and Development Department at City Hall or call 641-683-0694.

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