Grooms’ Probation Revoked, Sentenced To 10 Years


An Ottumwa man convicted of a 2014 sex offense has had his probation revoked and his original sentence imposed.

According to Wapello County Attorney Rueben Neff, 26 year old Kraigen Grooms was facing revocation of his probation, imposed following his guilty plea in an infamous 2014 sex abuse case. Kelly Ashton, Grooms’ probation officer, testified to numerous violations committed by Grooms. These included failure to comply with mental health treatment, failure to report as directed, failure to comply with GPS monitoring, failure to comply with substance use restrictions, and failing to maintain adequate employment or schooling.

Ashton further testified that the most egregious violation was an attempt to accuse a couple of sexually abusing him, when in fact he had engaged in a consensual sexual act with them. Ashton testified this was done to avoid the consequences of cheating on his wife; the accusation led to Grooms’ conviction on charges of False Reports to Law Enforcement. Neff argued that as Grooms has been able to immediately post bond in each of his arrests, he will likely continue to evade consequences of his violations.

Judge Gregory Milani agreed with the state and revoked Grooms’ probation, imposing the original 10 year sentence with credit for time served. Neff noted that Grooms’ would be eligible for parole the moment he enters prison. Neff clarified for those wondering why more time wasn’t imposed, that 10 years was the only option available. Grooms had initially been charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Abuse, a class B felony that carries a 25 year sentence with 17.5 years mandatory minimum, however the previous County Attorney, Gary Oldenburger, downgraded the charge to Lascivious Acts With A Child, a class C Felony with a 10 year maximum and no minimum. As this was the sentence previously agreed upon, the State cannot seek a higher sentence.

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