Ottumwa City Council Tables Voting on Pit Bull Ban


At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Ottumwa City Administrator Phil Rath presented the city’s newly revised animal ordinance.

However, the council decided to table a vote on the updated law and requested more work to be done on it before it’s brought in front of the council at a later date.

In the revised ordinance, pit bulls would still be classified as a “dangerous” animal, making it illegal for any Ottumwa resident to own one. Members of the Coalition to End Ottumwa’s Pit Bull Ban have asked the city to change the pit bull’s classification from “dangerous” to “high risk.”

Any owner of an animal classified as high risk must have the animal spayed, neutered, chipped, vaccinated, and insured.

Councilmember Cara Galloway voiced her concern about how the new law would be enforced with the above parameters since the current law isn’t being followed.

“My concern is we’ve also heard tonight that a lot of people have said that There are pit Bulls in this town. we all know there are pit bulls in the town.” Ottumwa City Councilmember Cara Galloway

Tuesday night’s tabling of the vote pushes back the timeline of a new ordinance being put in place. A new law must be read three times in city council meetings before it is put to a council vote to make it law. It is unknown when an updated version of the ordinance will be presented to the council.

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