City of Ottumwa Describes Prescribed Burn Process


In a press release, the City of Ottumwa described the origins and process of its prescribed burn.

In 2016, the City of Ottumwa initiated a water quality improvement project through a program with the Iowa DNR and the State Revolving Fund. Part of this project is the restoration of 9.5 acres of oak savannah in the northern portion of Memorial Park. Maintenance of the oak savannah requires periodic prescribed burns. Fire promotes the growth of native plants and controls the growth of unwanted woody and non-native vegetation.

This spring’s prescribed burn is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 30 starting around 9:00 a.m. This date and time are dependent and are subject to change. Signs will be set out around the park the day of the burn. The public should be cautious of smoke, which may cause short term visibility issues on nearby roadways, and refrain from performing any outdoor tasks if there is smoke in their area.

The burn will be conducted jointly by the Ottumwa Fire Department, Ottumwa Parks Department, Wapello County Conservation, and the Wapello Rural Volunteer Fire Department.

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