Ottumwa Schools Receive $642,000 Grant from Legacy Foundation


The Ottumwa Community School District received a grant earlier this week.

“The legacy foundation awarded ottumwa schools $642,000 over a four year period and those funds will be used to support our new learing center.”

Community Programs Director Kim Hellige

According to the Ottumwa School District, the new facility allows the Legacy Foundation to meet the educational needs of Wapello County.

“what the legacy foundation will be helping us with is they’re going to be supplementing and expanding services for students. and that will be in the area of mental health, graduation attainment, and work-based learning.” Kim Hellige

The school district says construction of the new building will begin this spring and will open in time for the new school year that starts in August. The Learning Center will serve students in grades 9-12 and will be located on Gateway Drive.

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