Agency Man Allegedly Smuggled Illegal Drugs in Work Desk


An Agency man faces charges after illegal drugs were allegedly found in his desk at work.

36-year-old Jacob Phillips was charged with failure to affix drug tax stamp for more than seven grams, two counts of failure to affix drug tax stamp of more than ten dosage units, and three counts of possession with intent to deliver.

On June 3, police say Phillips desk was being cleaned after being fired from his workplace. Ottumwa police say a bag containing four-hundred grams of methamphetamine and a bag of two-hundred alprazolam pills, a schedule IV narcotic, were found. A nasal decongestant bottle with one-hundred oxycodone pills, a schedule II narcotic, was in the drawer.

Multiple bags of heroin were allegedly found along with a scale and packaging material suggesting Phillips was distributing the illegal narcotics with no drug tax stamps.

Police took Phillips to the Wapello County Jail. There is a preliminary hearing set for June 14.

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