Iowa DPS Unveils New Website


The Iowa Department of Public Safety unveiled its new website as part of a broader effort to unify the State of Iowa’s online presence and make it easier for Iowans to navigate government web pages. 

DPS averages over 100,000 visitors to its site each month. The redesign focuses on simplicity, enhanced functionality, and increased accessibility, ensuring that the vast array of resources offered by DPS – including criminal background checks, weapon permits, missing person information, school safety concerns, access to crash reports, and more – are readily available to the public.

“We’re excited about the new website’s ability to foster improved communication with the communities we serve,” said Tawny Kruse, DPS Strategic Communications Bureau Chief. “Our goal is to provide a user-friendly platform that is an invaluable resource for public safety and awareness.”

With the launch, the website URL will remain the same, and any web browsers following old bookmarks will be automatically redirected to the new page.

DPS encourages all Iowans to explore the new site and familiarize themselves with the streamlined services:

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