Bird Urges Iowans to Avoid Tax Scams


As tax season comes to a close, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird announced tips to protect Iowans from tax and IRS scams.

“Money is tighter than ever for many Americans amid soaring inflation and tax filings,” said Attorney General Bird. “They should not have to fear getting ripped off by con artists to top it all off. My office is working overtime to combat the rise in IRS and tax scams, stop the scammers, and arm Iowans with information to protect themselves from fraud.”

Common tax scams include:

  • Tax Preparer Fraud: Dishonest tax preparers may inflate refunds, falsify deductions, or charge excessive fees.
  • Phone/Imposter Scams: Scammers impersonate IRS agents and call taxpayers, threatening arrest or legal action if Iowans do not immediately pay taxes.
  • Email/Phishing Scams: Deceptive emails may be sent, claiming to be from the IRS or tax software companies to request personal information or direct Iowans to fake websites to steal their data.
  • Identity Theft: Scammers use stolen personal information to file fraudulent tax returns and claim refunds.

To protect against tax scams, Iowans should:

  • Research tax preparers thoroughly: Choose reputable professionals with a proven track record.
  • Never share personal or financial information over the phone, email, or text: The IRS makes first contact through the mail. If the IRS reaches out by phone, email, or text, it is usually a scam.
  • Protect yourself online: Keep computers and mobile devices secure with up-to-date antivirus software and firewalls. Also, beware of clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.
  • Report suspected tax fraud or scams: Contact the Iowa Attorney General’s office, IRS, or the Federal Trade Commission to report suspected scams.

If you or someone you know has been targeted by a tax or IRS scam, contact the Iowa Attorney General’s office at 888-777-4590 or file a complaint online:

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