Appeal Denied for Pella Woman Convicted for Murder


A Pella woman who was convicted of murder had her appeal denied in a Wednesday ruling.

Michelle Boat, 59, was found guilty of first-degree murder for the 2020 stabbing death of Tracy Mondabough of Ottumwa. Mondabough was dating Boat’s estranged husband. Boat was sentenced to life in prison.

Boat appealed her conviction saying the district court abused its discretion when denying her motion to strike a potential juror for cause. Boat’s attorneys argued they were denied an opportunity to remove a juror who was a witness at the trial for the murder of the juror’s ex-husband. Boat also contended the jury was given improper instructions during her trial.

The Iowa Court of Appeals ruling says the juror had no opinion on the merits of the case and could be impartial. Additionally, the court ruled no improper instructions were given to the jury.

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