Pope Resigns from Ottumwa City Council


An Ottumwa City Councilmember stepped down during a special meeting Monday night after days of public pressure calling for her resignation.

Sandra Pope announced her resignation effective Monday evening. Pope was facing calls for her to step down as citizens and the media highlighted the fact that Pope missed 23 percent of meetings since she was sworn into office nearly two years ago. Pope spoke during Monday’s meeting.

“I would first like to apologize to the citizens of Ottumwa for my unforeseen absences with my family illnesses as well as my own health and well-being. Family illnesses that led to my brother passing [away] last month.” Former City Councilwoman Sandra Pope

Pope says she has been bullied over the last week.

“I have felt attacked publicly as well as internally. My priorities will always be God first, my family, and then my job.” Former City Councilwoman Sandra Pope

Pope says even though she is stepping down, she still plans on being active in the community.

The city of Ottumwa says the remaining city council members will decide on the method to choose the replacement and the City of
Ottumwa will move forward from there. No method has been chosen at this time nor has a time frame been determined.

With less than 24 hours between the special meeting and the regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, it is not possible to put the item on the agenda for the regular meeting, the city of Ottumwa announced in a press release.

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