City: Three Ottumwa Police Officers Saved Resident in House Fire


Three Ottumwa police officers saved an individual in a house fire early Tuesday morning.

According to the city of Ottumwa, a fire on the south side of Ottumwa was reported at 2:15 AM. The Ottumwa Police Department, Ottumwa Fire Department, and ORMICS arrived at the home.

Officers Yeager, Story, and Schaffner from the police department made their way to the bedroom window of the house’s sole occupant.

The officers were able to gain entry into the home and pull out the occupant who was taken to the paramedics and transported to Ottumwa Regional Health Center to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Additional firefighters arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire.

The city says the State Fire Marshall was contacted and will assist in the fire investigation.

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