OFD Assists in Boat Rescue in Centerville


The Ottumwa Fire Department was called to assist in a boat rescue in Centerville, according to a press release from the City of Ottumwa.

Shortly after midnight on May 3, it was reported that multiple people were trapped in a waterway. The heavy rainfall had made a creek swell out of its banks and created swiftly moving water. A small boat carrying two individuals of college age capsized with the individuals unable to get through the current.

The Ottumwa Fire Department sent both rescue boats, Interim Deputy Fire Chief David Cronin, and Interim Fire Chief Pat Short to the scene. Lights were deployed to aid in locating the individuals and make it safer for the rescuers.

Both individuals were found hanging onto debris stuck in the waterway. They were pulled into the boat and taken to ambulance personnel waiting at the edge of the water. The two confirmed they were the only ones in the boat. All Ottumwa crew safely made it back to the station.

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