Iowa Secretary of State Thanks Poll Workers


Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is launching an awareness campaign to thank Iowa poll workers for their work in helping Iowa’s elections process run fairly and smoothly. Each election, more than 10,000 Iowans from every corner of the state step up to serve their communities as precinct election officials.

Iowa is in the top three in the nation for election administration by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Election Data and Science Lab. Local election officials, including poll workers, play an essential role in keeping Iowa’s elections safe and secure. Poll workers check in voters, make sure they have the correct ballot, answer questions, and help ensure elections run smoothly in each precinct. They’re needed in all 99 counties for the November 7 City-School Election. 

“We are thankful for the Iowans who have stepped up as poll workers and offered their time to serve their community and help their neighbors vote,” said Secretary Pate. 

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