Senator Dickey Files Countersuit Against Daughter


State Senator Adrian Dickey has filed a countersuit seeking damages from his daughter and two others who accused him of forging her signature on a car title.

As first reported by Bleeding Heartland, Dickey is seeking $120,000 in damages in the defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges Korynn Dickey, her mother and Senator Dickey’s ex-wife Shawna Husted, and adoptive father Allen Husted made false verbal and written statements that damaged Senator Dickey’s reputation.

A lawsuit filed last month by Korynn Dickey accuses her father of forging her signature to place a lien on a vehicle he bought for her. Dickey’s daughter contends her father purchased the car for her as a gift with “no strings attached” and would not have agreed to have the car bought for her if she knew her father had a security interest in the vehicle. Senator Dickey has denied the allegations.

Korynn Dickey’s vehicle was totaled in an accident in May but her insurance company has refused to pay on the policy because of the lien.

Korynn Dickey and the Husteds have requested a jury trial in their lawsuit and also want a change of venue. Adrian Dickey opposes the change of venue and a hearing on the matter has been scheduled for September 18.

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