Centerville’s Mayor Issues Curfew


In light of recent criminal activity at its town square, the mayor of Centerville issued a nightly curfew that will go into effect this weekend.

In an emergency proclamation, Mayor Mike O’Connell says the temporary curfew will be in place from July 1 until August 8 from midnight until 5:00 AM each day. Vehicular traffic and pedestrians will not be allowed in the Centerville Square and the adjacent blocks.

Businesses will still be allowed to operate during curfew hours. Individuals exempt from the curfew will be those traveling to and from their place of employment or residence, government and police officials, social service workers, emergency medical personnel, individuals seeking medical attention, and credentialed members of the media acting in an official capacity.

Two juveniles aged 14 and 17 were arrested in connection to an assault last weekend in the Centerville Square that left the victim with serious injuries. Police say the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected to be made.

Violation of the curfew could result in a municipal fine pursuant to the city’s municipal code.

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