Wells Awarded Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year


A southeast Iowa pharmacy owner was recently honored by the Iowa Pharmacy Association as the Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year.

Mylo Wells is a Bloomfield native and the owner of Wells Hometown Drug. Wells started the pharmacy from scratch in 2018 with one full-time and two part-time employees. Wells says the departure of a different pharmacy created a need that he sought to fill in Bloomfield.

“They [bloomfield] had a shopco pharmacy here that had closed down when the shopco company itself went bankrupt. that was a natural fit for me being from here and i graduated pharmacy school six months prior to that pharmacy closing.”Mylo Wells, Owner of Wells Hometown Drug

Wells says when he opened the pharmacy, he joked with his wife that they wouldn’t win any awards. When he was named Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year a month ago, Wells was definitely taken aback.

“it’s a big honor for me. it was cool being recognized and definitely a surprise but i don’t really do it for the awards. I was just honored to get the award and the hard work was paying off.”Mylo Wells, Owner of Wells Hometown Drug

Wells, a 2018 graduate of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, says it’s been satisfying seeing the difference that he makes in his community.

“it’s been rewarding for sure to see how much we’ve helped the patients in the area so that made all the work worth it for sure.”Mylo Wells, Owner of Wells Hometown Drug

Wells opened a second pharmacy this past January in Keosauqua. He says there are now 18 employees who work at the two locations.

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Margie Zeller Margaret
Margie Zeller Margaret
1 year ago

Congratulations Milo you’ve earned that award you are the best pharmacist , enjoy your special day!