Police: Ottumwa Woman Struck Victim with Machete


An Ottumwa woman was arrested on Monday after allegedly attacking an individual with a machete during an argument.

32-year-old Brittany Waite was charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, an aggravated misdemeanor.

According to court records, at approximately 2:50 PM on Monday, Waite was involved in a property dispute with another person on North Hancock Street.

Authorities say Waite procured a machete and struck the victim in the back, knee, and side which caused lacerations.

Waite was taken into police custody and transported to the Wapello County Jail. She was freed after posting bond.

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Dustin brooks
1 year ago

Why is she out on bond!!!!! Wowow no wonder we have crazies out running around

Dustin brooks
1 year ago

This woman is a threat to society and you let her free!!!!!! WTF hopefully she doesn’t do anything else crazy they’ll be a lawsuit on the police department