New Station for Fairfield Fire Department Approved by Voters


Fairfield residents have approved a new station to be built for the Fairfield Fire Department after a vote was taken earlier this week.

704 citizens voted in Tuesday’s special election, with 529 in favor of a $5 million bond measure to fund the new building. More than 75 percent voted for the measure which surpassed the minimum of 60 percent needed for the proposal to pass.

The new structure will be located at the intersection of West Briggs Avenue and North Fourth Street. The old Iowa DOT building currently occupying that space will be demolished.

The size was one of the biggest reasons why the fire department said it needed a new station. The current fire station is 9,000 square feet, and the new station is planned to be around 19,000 square feet.

Officials expect construction to begin in March 2023.

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