Burning Ban Issued in Wapello County


UPDATE: Wapello County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Richmond announced Monday morning that the burning ban will expire at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, March 29th.


With the county currently experiencing dry and windy conditions, the State Fire Marshal’s Office has issued a burning ban in Wapello County.

Under the ban, all open burning is prohibited until further notice. The ban went into effect at 8:00 AM Friday and will remain indefinitely. The State Fire Marshal will determine when conditions are favorable to lift the ban.

The city of Ottumwa says Iowa Code Section 100.40 authorizes the State Fire Marshal to prohibit open burning upon request of the local emergency coordinator. Violation of the ban is a simple misdemeanor.

A burning ban does not prohibit the use of outdoor fireplaces and barbecue grills for cooking purposes. Supervised controlled burns are allowed under the ban only by a special permit issued by the Fire Chief.

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