Centerville Woman Charged After Setting House on Fire


A Centerville woman was charged after setting a house on fire because of alleged animal abuse.

52-year-old Mandy Davis was charged with 1st degree Arson, a class B felony.

On June 28, court records say the victim woke up to Davis breaking the windows on his porch to set his curtains on fire. The City Fire Department said they were putting out the fire while Davis ignited another on the south side of the residence using a gas can. According to authorities, Davis fled on foot and left the gas can behind.

According to the court records, Davis was located and arrested later that night at South Drake Avenue.

During the investigation, Davis told authorities that she believed her emotional support dog was being abused by people at the residence. According to authorities, the victim said Davis visited the residence previously that day and she did not have a reason to be upset.

Davis was taken to the Appanoose County Jail. She pleaded guilty and a preliminary hearing was waived.

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