Pekin Play by Play Announcer Talks about the Game at Field of Dreams


A play by play announcer for Pekin talks about the thrilling experience the baseball team had playing at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville.

Michael Comstock, Pekin Play by Play Announcer, talks about the Pekin and Central Lee game at the Field of Dreams.

Pekin and Central Lee were scheduled to play on June 24. Two weeks until the game, it became known that the iconic field was available to host their game.

“Central Lee contacted us and said that the Field of Dreams would be available the day we were supposed to play them, they wondered if we would be interested in playing, they said it would be a four o’clock start time. That was kind of an obstacle, they [were] asking us like ‘wow we can’t really pass up this opportunity’ so we want to make this work.” Michael Comstock, Pekin Play by Play Announcer

Comstock says that although the Pekin Panthers lost, the team was grateful to have this experience.

“The kids were all just excited and had smiles on their faces the entire time they were there. Of course when it fell apart in the fourth inning everybody was kind of disappointed. One of our boys hit a home run into the corn field so that’s something he’ll have to remember. That was a special moment for all the kids because we haven’t had a home run all season and for it to happen in that game was kind of amazing.” Michael Comstock, Pekin Play by Play Announcer

Comstock says he enjoyed announcing this game as it was his first time in Dyersville.

“The experience of getting to call the game there, that’s probably going to be one of the highlights of getting to do the radio broadcasts for Pekin. it’ll be right up at the top probably.” Michael Comstock, Pekin Play by Play Announcer

Comstock appreciates the support that the community has given the baseball team as the season comes to an end.

“It was a really neat experience for everyone involved, I’m really glad the school said yes and we had a lot of support from local businesses that stepped up and provided money to allow the boys to even take a charter bus up there. They made it a whole experience for them.” Michael Comstock, Pekin Play by Play Announcer

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