Mahaska Health Staff Attnend Rural Maternal Health Innovation Summit


On March 21st, the 2024 Rural Maternal Health Innovation Summit provided an opportunity to convene six rural obstetrics innovators, physicians, nurses, and government leaders to connect about improving Healthcare for women and babies in rural areas.

Clinical leaders Dr. Trish Millner, OB & Birthing Center Medical Director, Erica Strunk, RN, Birthing Center Director along with Daris Rosencrance, CFO, and Kevin DeRonde, CEO of Mahaska Health presented the positive benefits of teamwork, a patient-first culture, recruiting, quality initiatives and partnerships established to better serve rural communities with kindness and empathy.

267 rural maternity programs have closed around the country in recent years, resulting in gaps between care and women in need. To help solve the problem, rural healthcare physicians and leaders have implemented strategies to expand care and ensure that all patients can receive high-quality treatment and services for their obstetric and maternity needs.

During the event in Clifton, Texas, which was hosted by Stroudwater Associates, Mahaska Health shared insights, strategies, and future developments alongside innovators from Alaska, Colorado, North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, and Massachusetts. This team of dedicated professionals from the six obstetric hospitals along with the National Rural Health Association, Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, and
rural healthcare consultancy Stroudwater Associates will develop a published plan to identify sustainable approaches to the rural obstetrics crisis.

“In alignment with the positive outcomes presented by Mahaska Health linked to teamwork, physician leadership and service, the event empowered participants and attendees to embrace collaboration and continue to learn from one another. The aim is for all patients to receive the care they need; this event brought each respective health system a little closer to increasing maternity care in rural America,” stated Dr. Trish Millner, Obstetrics & Birthing Center Medical Director.

Physicians and leaders from Mahaska Health returned from the event with a continued commitment to providing expert, compassionate Maternity Care at their Iowa Center of Excellence Birthing Center.

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