Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience Comes to FACC in May


Get ready to experience a musical fusion like never before as the acclaimed Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience hits the stage at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center on May 3rd. Following their sold-out performances in prestigious venues across the country, Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience brings its electrifying show to Iowa, promising an evening of innovative beats and classical masterpieces.

In a groundbreaking performance that blurs the lines between modern and classical music, Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience reimagines iconic compositions by Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven, infusing them with funky rhythms and rapid-fire rhymes. Witness the magic as Bay Area underground hip-hop legends Unity Lewis and Red Bull’s Dance Your Style finalist Yung Phil join forces with a lineup of full strings, woodwinds, French horns, and more, creating a symphonic experience like no other.

The performance will feature members of the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra alongside the Ensemble Mik Nawooj, amplifying the fusion of classical and hip-hop elements on stage.

The Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience has garnered critical acclaim for its innovative approach, described as “an unapologetic love letter to old-school hip-hop sampling and classical composition” by The Voice and hailed as a “must-see” by Three Weeks in Edinburgh. With their latest album, “Death Become Life,” featuring compositions like “The Fountainheads Suite,” inspired by Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience continues to push the boundaries of music creation.

“We are thrilled to bring the Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience to Fairfield,” said Fairfield Arts & Convention Center Director Lindsay Bauer. “This show is a giant celebration of creativity and collaboration, and we can’t wait to share this unique musical journey with our audience.”

Adding to the magic, on May 2nd at 7:00 PM, there will be a special screening at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center’s Cinema Fairfield of the Ensemble Mik Nawooj documentary film “METHOD SAMPLING: How to Build the Future Together,” followed by a post-show Q&A session. JooWan Kim, Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience composer, embarks on a journey to explore the power of sampling and reframing differences to spark innovation. From meeting a disabled choreographer who revolutionized modern dance to a self-taught Black mycologist who wrote the first books on Cordyceps cultivation, the film explores diverse perspectives on creativity and change and examines how the hip-hop principles of Method Sampling may help address contemporary societal challenges.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable musical experience. Tickets for the Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center on May 3rd are available now at fairfieldacc.com or by calling the Box Office at (641) 472-ARTS. 

More information about both the documentary film screening and the live concert can be found at fairfieldacc.com. Note: the performance may include strong language; those with sensitivities please be advised.

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