DES MOINES, IOWA—Today, community leader and small business owner, Sarah Corkery officially filed signatures for the Democratic nomination for Iowa’s second congressional district in the United States House of Representatives at the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. 

“For too long, Ashley Hinson has enjoyed having the job representing us in Congress and not doing the job. She has voted to keep our health insurance costs high including letting pharmaceutical companies jack up prices on insulin, rather than capping prices at $35. She voted against bipartisan infrastructure investments that would jump start our economy in Northeast Iowa and create thousands of jobs. She even voted against bipartisan gun safety legislation and to slash money to study how gun violence impacts our children and families.” 

“My whole career, I have been an advocate for breast cancer research and disability rights, I have started a business with my husband, and I have raised a family with three kids here. Northeast Iowa is a special place and our families deserve a representative who recognizes that, not a mouthpiece for the Republican party and their corporate donors,” said Sarah Corkery.

Corkery has met with dozens of community groups and hundreds of individuals across the 2nd Congressional District as she considered her run for Congress. Sarah has been integral in cancer research funding lobbying efforts and has served as a disability rights advocate who helped research and raise over $1 million alongside another family to build an inclusive park in Cedar Falls. Corkery has spent more than 25 years as a marketing professional, and now operates a small creative branding firm with her husband, Chris.

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