Fairfield, IA — Get ready for an evening of awe-inspiring visuals and rhythmic excellence as the world-renowned Japanese drum ensemble, DRUM TAO, takes the stage at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center on March 14th. This captivating event promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for audiences to witness the extraordinary fusion of incomparable “Wadaiko-drums,” accompanied by the enchanting melodies of Japanese flutes and harps, all presented in a dazzling visual spectacle.

DRUM TAO is renowned for creating a stage that transcends expectations and delivers a unique form of “Japanese Entertainment” for a new generation. The ensemble achieved resounding success in their Off-Broadway shows in 2016, completely selling out and earning high praise from critics. And as one of the featured cultural offerings in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics, their fame has only continued to build. Critics have consistently praised the ensemble for their extraordinary talent and the mesmerizing visual spectacle they create.

According to Newsweek, their Off-Broadway debut represented “not only Japanese entertainment but Japan itself.” The Herald commended their “supernatural fitness and superb training,” while the Chicago Tribune lauded their “extraordinary talent” and “seductive, alluring performance.” The Central News Agency warned, “You’ll regret it for your life if you miss this!” and the Edinburgh Evening News declared them “undoubtedly one of the finest shows on offer.”

Don’t miss this universally breathtaking performance that promises to leave audiences in awe. Secure your tickets now at fairfieldacc.com or by calling (641) 472-ARTS. Prepare for a night of cultural brilliance, rhythmic excellence, and astonishing visual spectacle as DRUM TAO brings Japan’s rich traditions to life at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center on March 14th.

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