Police: Four Juveniles Charged in Fairfield Robbery


Four juveniles were arrested after an alleged robbery early Tuesday morning.

According to the Fairfield Police Department, officers were dispatched to 50 block of West Burlington at 3:50 AM based on the report of an assault.

Officers learned an individual was meeting with another person to sell a cell phone. However, during the transaction, the seller realized the buyer was using fake money.

Police say the seller attempted to take back the cell phone but was assaulted by four juveniles. The alleged assailants took the cell phone and departed in a vehicle.

The police department contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for assistance and the vehicle was eventually located. During the traffic stop, the stolen cell phone and counterfeit money were also recovered. While the juveniles were taken into custody, one of them resisted arrest and assaulted one of the officers.

All four juveniles were charged with second-degree robbery. One of the juveniles was also charged with forgery. Another juvenile was additionally charged with interference with official acts and assault on a peace officer. The identities of the juveniles were not released.

Authorities say all four offenders are being held at the Southern Iowa Area Juvenile Detention Center in Montrose pending a court appearance.

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