Ottumwa– Ottumwa dog owners are reminded that City dog licenses are required to be renewed each year for any dog over the age of four months in the City of Ottumwa, unless the dog is kept in a kennel licensed by the State of Iowa for breeding and sale purposes.

The license fee is $10 per dog for spayed/neutered and $20 per dog for unspayed/unneutered, now through January 31. On February 1st of each year, licenses from the previous year become delinquent and the fee increases to $15 per dog for spayed/neutered or $25 per dog for unspayed/unneutered. The last day to purchase a 2024 license, without penalty, will be Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

The owner must present a current certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian showing the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to bring the proof of rabies vaccination when obtaining a dog license.

City dog licenses are available at the Ottumwa Police Department, the City Clerk’s Office on the second floor of the Train Depot 210 West Main Street, Eastview Animal Clinic – 11596 Bladensburg Road, Ottumwa Family Animal Care – 2830 N. Court, Thomas Veterinary Clinic – 17591 Hwy 34 and Animal Health Center of Ottumwa – 305 Richmond Avenue.

In addition to licensing being a city law, this is the best method for providing the Animal Control Officer with a means of identification for quickly reuniting an owner with lost pets. For further information on dog licensing, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 683-0620.

Register your dogs and put the tag on their collar to help reunite lost pets!

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