Ottuwmwa City Council Tables Vote on New Golf Course Operator, Citizens Call for Council Member’s Removal


For the second time in as many occasions, a meeting to determine who be the next operator of Ottumwa’s public golf course was tabled due to a council member’s absence which has spurred vows from the public to seek her removal.

City Councilmember Sandra Pope was absent from Tuesday’s special City Council meeting in which the city heard from three entities that are looking to take over operations at Cedar Creek Golf Course. Doug Techel, Adam Wilson, and Bryan Minnis, CEO of Missouri-based Maxim Golf Solutions stated their respective cases to be the next operator to run the golf course. The new contract is set to go into effect on January 1.

Fred Long, a citizen who spoke at the meeting, voiced the urgency of the situation.

“Time is of the essence for these folks. Everybody wants to know. That’s why we’re all here. We want to know.” Fred Long

Resident Kim Ardusser said action will be taken to remove Pope per Iowa Code Section 66.29.

“We will follow that up with a petition…it can move pretty quickly and another person can be put into place. She’s [Pope] missed 16 out of 67 meetings, that’s 23 percent. Two of the meetings have had to do with something we are passionate about: the golf course. It’s extremely disrespectful.” Kim Ardusser

The city of Ottumwa issued a press release late Thursday morning to announce a special City Council meeting on Monday, December 18 at 5:30 PM. The press release says Ottumwa Mayor Rick Johnson has spoken with all five city council members and received confirmation from all of them that they will be in attendance.

The meeting will be held at Bridge View Center.

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