No Charges Filed in Fairfield Stabbing Case


Jefferson County’s attorney says no charges will be filed in a stabbing that occurred last month in Fairfield.

According to Chauncey Moulding, on November 30, Fairfield police officers were dispatched to the 800 block of West Grimes Avenue. An anonymous caller reported a group of individuals was fighting with sticks.

When officers arrived at the scene, a man was bleeding from the leg and he was transported to the hospital with a significant injury.

Law enforcement received conflicting reports from individuals regarding the stabbing. It was best determined that a family dispute earlier in the day culminated in a physical altercation that led to a female stabbing a male in the leg with a kitchen knife.

The female was interviewed by officers and told them she was defending herself after the male threw part of a car engine at her. Moulding says her claim of self-defense could not be verified by law enforcement.

The male stabbing victim was also interviewed and while officers say his demeanor was polite and generally cooperative, he declined to give authorities any information that would implicate the female as the assailant. The man is expected to make a full recovery.

Moulding says the decision to not file charges in this case comes down to three factors:

  • 1. The victim does not want any individual criminally charged, and will not provide testimony to support the same. 
  • 2. The female party indicated the act was committed in self defense. 
  • 3. Third party witnesses provided conflicting information relating to the facts and circumstances leading to the stabbing, resulting in difficulty ascertaining a primary aggressor in this case. 

Moulding says barring substantial additional evidence, no criminal charges will be filed.

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