Secretary of State Issues Absentee Ballot Reminder


Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is reminding eligible Iowans who would like to receive their ballot via mail to request their absentee ballots before the October 23 deadline. Written applications for mailed absentee ballots must be received by a voter’s local County Auditor’s Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 23.

All registered voters are eligible to make written requests for absentee ballots. In order to receive an absentee ballot, registered voters must provide the following information on the request form:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Iowa residential address
  • Voter Verification Number  (ID number)
    • Iowa Driver’s License or Non-Operator ID Number OR
    • Four-digit Voter PIN found on voter’s Iowa Voter ID Card. Any voter can request an Iowa Voter ID Card by contacting their County Auditor’s Office.
  • Name or date of the election for which a voter is requesting the absentee ballot
  • Signature and date the form was completed

All voters are also encouraged to provide a phone number and email address in the event their County Auditor needs to confirm any information on the request form.

“City and school elected officials play a critical role in our day-to-day lives, so it’s vitally important for Iowans to make their voices heard in November’s elections,” said Secretary Pate. “The best way to make your voice heard is to vote, and to be successful in voting, Iowans should solidify their voting plans early. Whether voting at the polls on Election Day or casting a ballot early by absentee ballot in person or through the mail, Iowans can be assured their voice is heard.”

Absentee ballot request forms are available for download directly from the Iowa Secretary of State website, Requests to receive a ballot by mail must be received by the County Auditor’s office by Monday, October 23, no later than 5:00 p.m. In-person absentee voting at the County Auditor’s office is available through November 6, the day before the election.

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