Fire at Courtside Bar


Courtside Bar and Grill had a fire in their kitchen Tuesday evening. Thanks to the quick actions of the staff and the rapid response by the Ottumwa Fire Department, it was contained to one area of the kitchen. Staff is left with a big mess to clean up and some items that need replaced. The front of the house is up and running and still able to serve up some cold drinks and they are currently opening daily at 5 pm.

Courtside’s Facebook page states “Times like this are stressful but are a huge reminder to be thankful. Thankful that no one was hurt first and foremost. Thankful for the Ottumwa Fire Department. We are also thankful for the support and endless offers to assist if needed by friends, family and our Courtside family. Thankful for our customers and their support. We are thankful for our staff that is being so patient as we try and work out the kinks. This affects them more than anything. And we are thankful for the opportunity to be back up and running very soon in a community that we are honored to be a part of.”

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