Centerville Police Officer Fired for Not Disclosing Shooting Investigation


A Centerville police officer was relieved of his duties last month after officials say he did not disclose an investigation of his possible involvement in a shooting before his employment with the department.

As first reported by the Ottumwa Courier, Chief Tom Demry of the Centerville Police Department confirmed the December 22nd firing of Graffe Holmes (right, in photo) who was hired on October 2021.

The termination came after the department received information “from a law enforcement agency within the state of Iowa” on Dec. 13 that Holmes was connected to ongoing investigations from February 2021, prior to his employment.

Holmes was placed on leave two days later and eventually terminated.

According to court records, the Mason City Police Department obtained a search warrant for a vehicle registered to Holmes which sought to search his car for firearms connected to a shooting that occurred on February 2021.

Officers recovered a loaded Blazer Brass 9mm Luger gun from Holmes’ vehicle.

Holmes has not been formally charged with any crime. No arrests have been made in the shooting.

Holmes is the second officer fired in 2022 by the Centerville Police Department. Jacob Downs was terminated last September for behavior that the department said: “brought the department and himself into disrepute and ridicule.”

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