Richard Hall


We regret to announce the death of Richard Maxwell Hall on December 17th, 2022.

Richard was an Air Force Veteran, an Award-winning managing editor of the computer magazines at Thaddeus Computing, a beloved priest at Saint Gabriel and All Angels, and a loving father and husband.

He leaves behind his wife Lucinda, and his children Robert and Ella. Richard and Lucinda were married 48 years.

Richard will be remembered for his fun humor, intelligent speech, compassionate service, ready wit, and his lyric tenor voice,

He will also be remembered for his lively performances in community theater, and his intelligent, beautiful, touching sermons at St. Gabriel’s.

We were blessed to share his beautiful, enlightened life. Richard created love, and happiness in his world.


From Father Richard: “As soon as you start the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Spirit takes over.”

CP: “Richard relaxed into his heart; he lived there, and gave gentle open sermons.”

PH: “I feel so fortunate to have known Richard; whenever I met him, I was always uplifted.”

 PB: “Richard was a 1st rate stage actor. Richard and Lucinda made a significant contribution to the artistic life of the Fairfield community.”

RB: “Seeing Richard always brought a smile, knowing he’d have some wry, witty, maybe mischievous comment to share! It was a pleasure to share our lives together at the school and in the community, and I’ll carry his presence with me forever….with a smile.”

HG: “It was a privilege to work with him for our 22 years together.”

TP: “Richard was a good man and all of us were blessed by his presence.”

PM: “He was such a good guy. And fun to work with.”

CP: “In every single one of my interactions with Richard, starting many, many years ago, he was always so bright and cheerful, so quick-witted and creative, always elevated with a playful joy. One could always sense some light of unbounded awareness shining from deep within his personality, brightening things around him. He touched and uplifted so many, and I have no doubt that that light shines on, continuing to illuminate.”

Requiem Eucharist Wednesday, 12/21/22, 10:15 am at St. Gabriel and All Angels: 300 E. Burlington, Fairfield, IA.     The service will live-streamed at

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