Pekin Staff Member on Administrative Leave Following Fight


A staff member of the Pekin Community School District has been placed on administrative leave following a fight between students that occurred on campus this past Friday.

A video of the incident, which was broadly shared on social media, shows a female student punching and kicking another female student while the latter is on floor. A staffer can be heard saying “stop” several times before entering the picture. Despite the staffers commands, the offending student continued attacking the student on the floor.

The students were eventually separated for a few moments as the staff member entered the frame. The aggressor kicked the student on the floor two more times before leaving.

In a statement, Superintendent Derrick Phillips says the incident “does not meet our high expectations for a safe school environment.”

Phillips says the staff member will be on administrative leave pending an investigation.

The offending student, according to Phillips, “will face appropriate disciplinary consequences.”

“We continue to work with our school resource officer in partnership with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to resolve the situation.” Pekin Superintendent Derrick Phillips

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