OPD: Mother, Grandmother Exposed Child to Extremely Filthy Conditions in Home


A mother and a grandmother were arrested after authorities say they lived in “extreme squalor” and exposed a 12-year-old child to unlivable conditions.

Nancy Mather, 32, and Evalyn Mather, 72, have each been charged with neglect of a dependent person (Class C felony) and child endangerment (aggravated misdemeanor).

The residence, located on Ottumwa Street, was declared unfit for human life and was placarded by the Ottumwa Health Department. Responding officers noted an offensive odor emitting from the home on August 24th.

Once inside, officers reported a large amount of household garbage and animal waste. Additionally, the home was infested with cockroaches, including in the child’s bedroom. The bedding was stained and unsanitary as well.

Nancy and Evalyn Mather were transported to the Wapello County Jail and are currently free after posting bond. The two have been ordered not to have any contact with the child.

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Mikeal LeGrande
Mikeal LeGrande
1 year ago

I hope the child is ok. Both of the women should get the maximum sentence.