New Allegations Surface for Ex-EBF Wrestling Coach


The State of Minnesota says it will prove the guilt of a former local wrestling coach who is accused of a 2019 sexual assault in Minneapolis by also demonstrating his involvement in a separate sexual assault in Iowa.

In court documents filed last week, the state offered details of an investigation conducted by the Iowa Divison of Criminal Investigation that allege Brett Little, 40, sexually assaulted a minor in 2004. Little was the head coach of the Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont wrestling team until he was relieved of his duties in 2019.

According to the investigation, a 14-year-old female was drinking in the company of Little and two other individuals. Later, Little offered to drive the girl, who was intoxicated, and her friend home. Little dropped the friend off first.

Court records say that Little then drove his vehicle down a gravel road in Keokuk County and had sex with the victim without her consent.

The 2004 alleged assault is currently being investigated by the Iowa Divison of Criminal Investigation. Debra McClung, Strategic Communications Bureau Chief of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, says her office cannot offer further details on an active investigation.

Little faces a charge of third-degree criminal sex conduct – force or coercion in relation to the 2019 incident. Authorities say Little sexually assaulted a woman in a rental house he was staying in while watching a wrestling tournament in Minnesota.

Little was extradited to Minnesota from Keokuk County this past March. Little has since posted bond and was allowed to return to his home in southeast Iowa to await trial which begins on August 22.

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