Authorities Search for Suspect Accused of Attacking Appanoose County Deputy


A manhunt in rural Appanoose County is in progress after authorities say a deputy is in the hospital following an attack by a suspect.

According to the Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office, David Boley, 37, hit Deputy Gary Buckallew in the head at the 17000 block of Highway J18. The incident occurred around 12:20 PM on Saturday.

Buckallew suffered head trauma during the attack and was subsequently transported to the hospital. The deputy reportedly sustained multiple facial fractures but the injuries are estimated to be non-life-threatening.

Appanoose County Sheriff Gary Anderson says Boley should be considered armed and dangerous. If Boley is spotted, Anderson advises the public not to confront him and instead call 911.

Multiple law enforcement entities have joined in the search for Boley.

Authorities say Boley had multiple active warrants for two counts of sexual abuse, two counts of drug distribution to a person under 18 and child endangerment. Anderson says Boley will additionally face felony charges after Saturday’s alleged altercation.

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