Ottumwa Recycling


Jody Gates, head of the Health and Inspections Department of Ottumwa, is also supervisor over the operations at the Ottumwa/Wapello Landfill and the RecyclingCenter. Gates said today that the 35-Gallon blue recycling carts being distributed on a limited basis in Ottumwa are rapidly becoming a popular item in the City for recycling waste materials, and, that the City has obtained another grant to purchase 500 more of the carts.

The carts differ from the current Red Recycling bins in that they hold about twice as much recyclable material, and are on wheels. Distribution of the carts started as a pilot project, but Gates said that now there is a waiting list of about 400 people who have signed up to get one when available.

Gates said that more of the carts will be available after the first of the year. Those interested in getting a cart should call the RecyclingCenter, 683-0685, to get their name on the waiting list. With this latest grant, Gates said, the number of blue recycling carts will total about 1,100 in the City.

On another topic, Gates said that Christmas wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows are generally NOT recyclable, and should be disposed of in the regular trash bins. The only exceptions, Gates said, would be cardboard gift boxes and brown paper gift bags, which could be re-cycled.