Fairfield, Wins 2024 Fam Trip of the Year Award, Midwest Travel Network


Fairfield, IA — The Visit Fairfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has been honored with the prestigious 2024 Fam Trip of the Year Award by the Midwest Travel Network. This accolade celebrates Fairfield’s exceptional efforts in hosting familiarization (FAM) tours that significantly boost regional tourism awareness and economic activity.

Throughout 2023 and 2024, Visit Fairfield organized three outstanding FAM tours, welcoming a total of 18 travel writers from across the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, Michigan, and Iowa. These tours were meticulously curated to showcase the unique attractions and experiences that Fairfield offers, from its vibrant arts scene and international dining to its serene natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

The impact of these FAM tours has been profound, with participating writers amplifying their experiences through social media, blogs, and newspaper articles, greatly enhancing Fairfield’s profile as a must-visit destination.

“The Midwest Travel Network’s recognition is a testament to Fairfield’s allure as a destination in the Midwest,” said Terry Baker, Director of Visit Fairfield. “These FAM trips serve as a cornerstone for our strategy to invigorate local tourism and underscore the significant role small-town charm plays in drawing visitors looking for authentic, memorable experiences.”

Veronica  Bareman, from Hip Grandma Life, visited Fairfield in May of 2024 and commented “Fairfield is one of the most unique destinations I’ve visited- and the vibe definitely calls for Destination of the Year!” 

Fairfield’s food scene has attracted Tom and Kristi Manus from Small Town, Plus Size, to make several FAM trip visits. They call Fairfield “a culinary oasis in a small-town setting”.  Dusty & Kelly Ratcliff from The Dining Duster blog, specialize in vegan eateries and created a blog about the best things to do in Fairfield in 48 hours. Their guide to vegan eating in Fairfield has become an important part of Visit Fairfield’s marketing.

The success of these FAM tours underscores the importance of word-of-mouth marketing in building the credibility of small towns as tourist destinations. This type of exposure is invaluable for communities like Fairfield, as it not only boosts local businesses but also reinforces the town’s reputation as a captivating locale that promises both relaxation and rich cultural engagement.

“The enthusiasm and extensive coverage from the writers who visited us have played a crucial role in promoting our town’s tourism,” added Baker. “This award and the positive feedback from the travel writers affirm that our efforts in hosting these FAM trips provide substantial value to Fairfield and highlight the significance of tourism in enhancing our community’s vibrancy and economic vitality.”

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