Ottumwa Man Accused of Assaulting Wife and Child


An Ottumwa man faces charges after assaulting his wife and one-year-old child.

24-year-old Johnson Matauto was charged with a Class D Felony of Child Endangerment and 1st offense of Domestic Abuse Assault, causing injury to both victims.

On the morning of May 27, the Ottumwa Police Department received a noise complaint from a neighbor concerned about the noise from Matauto’s residence. Court records say he was punching his wife in the face repeatedly leaving injuries.

Matauto then began punching his child in the face while his mother was holding him. Authorities say the assault towards the child may have caused future mental, emotional, and physical health problems.

Matauto was taken to the Wapello County Jail and has a bail bond of $6,000. Court records say he pleaded not guilty and will have a preliminary hearing.

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24 days ago

I hope someone give’s him a good taste of justice for his wife and child’s suffering. Sick man.