Evans Principal Discusses Cell Phone Ban


Evans Middle school implemented a new policy for their students on May 6 regarding cell phone use.

Principal Michael Davis addressed the problems regarding cell phone usage outside of school, specifically from social media, that was harming the students’ mental health and focus in the classrooms.

“By taking the cell phones away would take away the negativity of what’s going on and have them focus more of what’s going on in our building.” Evans Middle School Principal, Michael Davis.

The policy states that students will not be permitted to use cell phones within the building during school hours including during class time, breaks, lunch, and any school related activities. Davis says the teachers noticed better behavior, stronger attention spans, and more positive interactions during free time.

“It’s giving them a better focus, the real reason why we’re here, it’s not about the cell phones it’s to get a quality education.” Evans Middle School Principal, Michael Davis

The students didn’t appreciate the drastic change at first but understand their cell phone use was out of control.

“it was more of a distraction instead of a positive piece of technology to use for school. I think it’s more of an issue when a kid feels like they can’t live without their phone or be without their phone. I think that becomes more of an issue than a kid having their phone.” Evans Middle School Principal, Michael Davis

Davis thinks other schools could benefit from using policies like this one.

“I would love to see other schools start to bring our students back to being to students, to being young adults, and learning how to interact with others.” Evans Middle School Principal, Michael Davis

Davis plans to continue this policy into the next school year. The next school year begins on August 23.

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