Ottumwa City Council Selects Replacement for Empty Seat


The Ottumwa City Council met on Thursday to address the vacancy created by the resignation of former city councilwoman Sandra Pope.

In a 4-0 vote, the council chose to fill the City Council vacancy by appointing Cyan Bossou. The regular election was on November 7 and with it being so recent, the council felt selecting the person who earned the most votes after the two candidates who won council seats (Bill Hoffman Jr. and Keith Caviness), and that person was Bossou.

The city says Bossou has accepted, pending the 14 days after notice is given of the appointment to submit a petition to require
a special election. A petition can be filed within 14 days of the appointment, December 21, or within 14 days of the printed notice, which has not occurred yet. The petition must include a minimum of 1,000 signatures or 15% of the voter turnout from the last regular election where the office was on the ballot, whichever is less. In this case, 15% of the voter turnout would be 450 signatures.

This vacancy occurred on December 18, 2023. The remaining balance of the term of office for the vacant position will expire in January of 2026. The person appointed to fill the vacancy shall hold office until a successor is elected and qualified in accordance with law.

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