John Fellmer


John Fellmer, age 73, died September 20, 2023, in Fairfield, IA. John was born at St. Vincent Hospital in Manhattan, N.Y., on May 27, 1950, the son of Marion Reed and Frank Fellmer.

Growing up John enjoyed playing sports, joined the JV football team and broke his nose during the first game of the season. As soon as it healed, he went out on the field and broke his finger which benched him for the season, but he didn’t care, at least he got to wear the team uniform.

He always found the silver lining in adversity.

He took Latin in High School because the teacher was cute. John was an inventor and took everyday items and redesigned them for easy use and comfort. As a kid he constantly redesigned car and truck models, never following kit directions. He had a pen company
designing the most comfortable stylish pen. Growing up John loved to wear classic dress attire. As he got older, he found overseas apparel companies to suit his fashion tastes, always wearing stylish attire just to go to the grocery store. He collected fine watches. He liked quality in everything.

Although John tested at a genius IQ level in school, he was very humble. He was kind and compassionate, never a harsh word toward anyone and would not participate in conversations that were unpleasant about others. On cold mornings he would turn on his sister’s car so when she left it was heated. His polite shy nature was endearing to many, yet he could hold a deep conversation on many topics. He was well-read and loved music and old movies. He owned all the first Beatles albums and acquired an extensive CD and DVD collection of the greatest artists. John attended Queen’s College in NY and managed movie theatres in NYC, eventually moving into the grocery industry. He moved to Fairfield, IA to be closer to family around 2012. He had a good sense of humor and loved a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake. He led a life of solitude but loved to spend time with family. He is deeply missed.

Deceased family includes parents and grandparents. John is survived by three sisters, Lisa MacKenzie of Houston, Texas and Michele Faith of Iowa and Jennine Fellmer of Iowa. He is also survived by two nieces and one nephew and one grandniece.

Cremation has been accorded. Arrangements are in the hands of Behner Funeral Home in Fairfield.

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